PSA with Religious Leaders on Child Marriage (English)

Mar 20, 2014

PSA launched during "Round Table Discussion between Adolescents & Religious Leaders on Child Marriage" event on 15th September 2013 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The event was organised by UNICEF, UNFPA and the National Inter Religious Network (NRIN). It features religious leaders from four faiths who advocate for change and to speak out against child marriage. The religious leaders include:  Maulana Nazrul Hussain (Islam), Bhikkhu N.D. Dharmamurti Maha Thero (Buddhism), Dr. K.B. Rokaya (Christianity) and Dr. Chintamani Yogi (Hindu)

Video produced by UNICEF and UNFPA with creative inputs from Binoy Dil Lama, Robin Giri, Dipendra Bhandari and team