Creative Agency To Produce One Minute Junior Videos, Documentary And Photo Essays

Mar 19, 2017

With support from the European Union, UNICEF is supporting the Government of Nepal to scale up Multi-sector Nutrition Plan in 28 districts of Nepal. UNICEF is looking for a creative agency to train and produce 28 one-minute videos, three short documentaries, three photo essays and 12 stories as part of the communication plan.

One-minute videos will be produced by beneficiary community youth to document the progress and milestone events related to the programme. The short videos will be shot on video cameras and/or smart phones, edited and uploaded to the UNICEF websites and also will be inserted as  communication materials for various community support group presentations and advocacy events.

Three short documentaries will showcase the Golden 1000 days campaign, multi-sector investment in nutrition, partnership achievements and disseminated using various online and electronic platforms.

Three photo essays and 12 stories will highlight the achievements of MSNP, 'Poshanka Lagi Haatemalo' partnership and disseminated through newsletter and online media platform.

Qualifications of the creative agency

The applying institution should possess:

- At least five years of proven experience in visual production.

- Demonstrated previous experience of similar assignments. Please submit sample of two previous works.

- Key personnel (trainer, videographer, photographer, writer, editor) should have at least five years of experience on relevant sector.

- Clear and mature style of design, demonstrating an understanding of the communication requirements of a UN agency;

- Working experience in nutrition related video production is desirable.

Click to download: Terms of Reference Detailed RFP document

Sealed offers should be sent to:



Offers MUST be received latest by 17:00hrs on Thursday 30 March 2017