Expansion of the Child Grant in Nepal

Aug 11, 2017

The Government of Nepal introduced the Child Grant in 2009/10 with the primary objective of supporting better nutrition for children under five years of age. To date, programme coverage has been limited to all under-fives in Karnali region and Dalit households in the rest of the country - approximately 16 per cent of the under-five population. Recognising the potential of the Child Grant to make a real difference to children’s lives and contribute to Nepal’s development goals, the Government made a commitment in the 2016/17 budget speech to enhance and expand the programme.

The following documents are available to download:

* Benefits of Nepal’s Child Grant for current and future generations. This policy brief draws on evidence from Nepal and around the world to show that an enhanced and expanded Child Grant can make a real difference to the lives of children and is a sound investment for the country’s long term social and economic development. Please click here to download. 

Why a universal Child Grant makes sense for Nepal. This policy brief considers the evidence for why taking a universal rather than a poverty-targeted approach to Nepal’s Child Grant will achieve the best outcomes for children. Please click here to download.

Reaching national coverage – An expansion strategy for the Child Grant. This policy brief presents strategies and options for an incremental geographic approach to the expansion in order to reach national coverage within 10 years. Please click here to download.

 Costing the Child Grant Expansion in Nepal. This report provides the 10-year costing for incremental Child Grant expansion under different scenarios. The costings are based on proposed expansion strategy scenarios summarised in the policy brief: Reaching national coverage – An expansion strategy for the Child Grant. Please click here to download.

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