Situation of children, adolescents and women in Nepal

Mar 29, 2016

Across the world there is increasing interest and availability of data to explain the situation and well-being of children. In Nepal too, the Government and its partners are increasingly relying on data and analyses to guide their policies and programmes regarding children. However, data have not been accessed or exploited as much as it could to showcase the remarkable achievements that have been made regarding child rights in Nepal. This is because presentation of data is not user-friendly. 

This data animation on the situation of children, adolescents and women in Nepal produced by UNICEF helps to present trends, correlations and consequences of a range of data in an effective storytelling manner. It is a synthesis of the most recent data around children, adolescents and women in Nepal including the Nepal Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey, the latest national representative survey, and focuses not just on the achievements but also on the remaining work to be done.

Please click here to watch the Nepali version of the video. 

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