Nepal Girl Summit 2016: Voices

Jun 17, 2016

The first ever Girl Summit in Nepal was hosted by Nepal Government’s Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) with technical and financial support provided by DFID and UNICEF on 23 March 2016. The event was organized as a follow up to the first Girl Summit 2014, co-hosted by the UK government and UNICEF in London, where commitments were made to end child, early and forced marriage by several countries including Nepal. The Nepal event was a culmination of weeks of preparations, including district-level consultations and three-day pre-event workshop held in Kathmandu.

Held in 15 districts of Nepal, the consultations brought together adolescents girls and boys to discuss challenges and solutions for eradicating child marriage in Nepal and creating the conditions for every girl to reach her full potential. Interactions between these adolescents and community leaders were also held in these 15 districts, which provided additional platform for adolescent girls and boys to voice their issues.

Videos by Media Service Nepal (MSN)

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