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Daily Headlines in The Nepali Press

Relief‚ rehabilitation work to gain pace

Himalayan Times, September 29, p.2

KATHMANDU: The government has decided to intensify relief and rehabilitation of flood and landslide victims and reconstruction of physical infrastructure damaged by natural disasters. An emergency meeting of Central Disaster Relief Committee held under the chairmanship of CDRC Chair and Acting Prime Minister Bamdev Gautam in Singha Durbar yesterday night decided to this effect. The CDRC designated a minister to coordinate relief and recovery programme under way in the Central Region and to monitor the programme and submit a report to the government on further programmes that need to be lau…more

House panel for new ministry for desaster management

Himalayan Times, September 29, p.4

KATHMANDU: The Finance Committee of the Parliament today directed the government to immediately establish a separate ministry for effective disaster management. A meeting of the Finance Committee held under the chairmanship of Prakash Jwala today took this decision. Today’s meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bamdev Gautam, Home secretary, Finance Secretary and secretary of National Planning Commission. The meeting directed the government to establish an all-powerful and well-equipped ministry to ensure timely rescue, provide relief and rehabilitate victims ...more

A vow to fight violence against women

Kathmandu Post, September 29, p.2

Women rights advocates participate in a programme organised to mark the launch of One Billion Rising Revolution 2015 campaign at Nepal Academy in Kathmandu on Sunday. Photo by : SKANDA GAUTAM

KATHMANDU, SEP 28 - “Jagau Nari Chinau Hami Afno Swabhiman.

Hamro Mutu Bhitrai cha hai Shanti ko Muhan”

“Rise and recognise your self worth, for women, you are the source for peace,” sang Ani Choying Drolma urging women to draw energy from within and fight violence against women, after being felicitated at the launch of the One Billion Rising Revolution campaign.

Choying Drolma was awarded the Meeto Memorial Award for Young South Asians for her contribution to peace and human rights at the launch of the global campaign ‘One Billion Rising Revolution 2015’ on Sunday.

“I encourage women to stand up and fight as women bring colour to this world and they are the source of peace,” she said assuring her full support to South Asian Solidarity for the cause.

The campaign has brought together activists from all over South Asia, including 55 women rights networks and organisations from Nepal….more

One Billion Rising Campaign' of South Asia launched in capital

Republica, September 29, p.3

KATHMANDU, Sept 28: The South Asia launch for worldwide campaign of ´One Billion Rising Revolution´ for the year 2015 has taken place in the capital on Sunday.  On 14 February 2015, women from across the world will rise to end the violence against women. The worldwide campaign, which was started in February 2013, aims at ending violence against girls and women. ´One Billion Rising Revolution´ is a worldwide campaign aimed at transforming the patriarchal society and ending the violence against women. …more

Hypertension risk in urban population

Kathmandu Post, September 29, p.2

KATHMANDU, SEP 28 - One fourth of the urban population inside Kathmandu Valley are at serious risk of hypertension, a research report released on Sunday revealed.

A survey conducted among 5,000 participants showed that 28 percent, most of them males, had hypertension. The findings also showed that 44 percent of the people had pre-hypertension which could exacerbate into hypertension. Similarly, the report states that 59 percent of the people had high cholesterol which is 55 percent among the people less than 40 years of age.

 The study also found out that 19 percent of the participants aged less than 40 suffered from high-blood pressure….more

Four children rescued from India

Annapurna Post, September 29, p.4

Nepalgunj: Four children in risk situation have been rescued from Baharaich of India and handed over to guardians. The children were rescued with the help of Rural Child Helpline,  India and brought to Nepalgunj…

Women’s equality needs democracy, socialism, secularism (Interview)

Kathmandu Post, September 29, p.6

SEP 28 -Yesterday, organisations working on women’s issues from all over Nepal came together here in Kathmandu to mark the launch of One Billion Rising Revolution, a global campaign to end violence against women. Darshan Karki spoke to Kamla Bhasin, a celebrated feminist and the campaign’s South Asia coordinator, about the possibility of a common agenda for the women’s movement, its criticism in Nepal, and the challenges feminism is facing today.

You often call yourself a South Asian activist. Given the immense diversity of this region, is there a possibility of a common agenda for a women’s movement?..more