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Daily Headlines in The Nepali Press

Domestic violence against women on rise

Republica, November 11, front page

KATHMANDU, Nov 11Data suggests that more women are becoming victims of various forms of domestic violence of late despite all the laws that Nepal has enacted and the international conventions concerning violence against women that it has signed.
The number of cases of domestic violence in the country, which was just 1,800 in 2012/13, tripled in 2013/14 to 6,835, according to data from Nepal Police Headquarters. A majority of the women subjected to domestic violence endured physical violence and verbal abuse…more

WHO seeks action against antibiotic resistance

Himalayan Times, November 11, p.2

KATHMANDU: Seeking accelerated efforts to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, the World Health Organisation today called upon the member states of South-East Asia Region to widen national action plans to combat the intimidating public health threat. WHO’s South-East Asia Region includes Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor-Leste. The office of WHO’s South-East Asia Region is holding a four-day regional meeting on antimicrobial resistance in Jaipur, India. T…more

Child births still take place in cowsheds

Annapurna Post Nepali language daily, November 11, p.4

Rolpa: In Rolpa district women are still taken to cowsheds or narrow rooms as soon as labor pain begins. Traditional harmful birthing practices continue…

Khilji first VDC free from delivery at home

Annapurna Post Nepali language daily, November 11, p.4

Arghakhachi: Khilji has become first VDC in the entire western region to be free from delivery at home….

Man strangles boy with belt 'to add value'

Republica, November 11, p.3

CHITWAN, Nov 11: In a case that has shocked police, a man has confessed to strangling a child with his belt so that he could sell off the item at a higher price. The confession that came in the course of interrogations has stunned police in Chitwan district. One hears of people killing for revenge or in a fit of anger, but strangling someone to make a belt fetch a higher price is unheard of. 
Police had arrested Mahendra Thing, 20, of Gajuri VDC-9 in Dhading district on the charge of killing Hom Bahadur Ale Magar of Birendranagar VDC-2, Chitwan..more

Mother Teresa Award conferred on Koirala

Himalayan Times, November 11, p.3

KATHMANDU: Anuradha Koirala has been awarded with Harmony Foundation’s prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice-2014. Koirala is known for her anti-human trafficking drive through her non-profit organisation Maiti Nepal. Maiti Nepal is best known for its mission to curb women trafficking from Nepal to sex industries abroad. It has rescued and rehabilitated more than 12,000 victims since 1993. According to Maiti Nepal, Koirala takes Mother Teresa as her biggest source of inspiration for her work. She has also established a school named Teresa Academy w... more

Teenager held for raping 8yo girl 

Republica online, November 11

PANCHTHAR, Nov 10: Police have arrested a teenager for raping an eight-year-old girl in the district. The arrestee is Shekhar Laksam, 16, of Nagi-6. 
Police Inspector Ravi Raj Thapaliya at District Police Office informed that Laksam allegedly raped the girl after luring her to his house. Thapaliya added that the accused also tried to involve a 10-year-old boy, who was sneaking the incident, into physical activities. 

Banke police stunned by increase in rape cases

Kathmandu Post, November 11, p.4

NEPALGUNJ, NOV 11 - The rise in the number of rape cases has stunned the police in the district. According to Inspector Arun Kumar Singh, two people have been arrested on rape charges in a single day in Bardia district.

Police have arrested Balkrishna Sharma Upadhyaya, 70 of Bangai, Ghagwar VDC for raping a 12 year-old girl. Upadhyaya had raped the minor after luring her into his house, Inspector Singh said. Likewise, a 39 year-old man of Sanoshri-3, Kusumbaghat was arrested for sexually molesting his own 15-year-old daughter. Singh said that they had arrested the father of the victim on the basis of the daughter’s complaint on Sunday. In her statement to the police, the teenager said that her father had sexually abused her on a number of occasions in the past and had raped her on Sunday at a hotel after sending her mother to the farm.…more

Cruel and culpable (editorial)

Kathmandu Post, November 11, p.6

Rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Kalaiya cannot go unpunished

It is difficult to think of a crime more heinous than the rape and subsequent murder of a child. The rape is monstrous in itself but to then kill the suffering child is to take the crime to a whole different level of atrocity. Such was the case with the rape and murder of an eight-year-old child in Kalaiya, the headquarters of Bara district, on Saturday. The perpetrator waylaid the child as she was on her way to a nearby shop to buy noodles at around 7pm with her sister. The man took her behind a bush and proceeded to rape and then strangle her to death, for fear of reprisal, surmised the police. This incident has Kaliaya locals up in arms— they staged a protest on Sunday, demanding security and that the police bring the perpetrator to justice….more

Bajura cleaner as ODF zone succeeds

Himalayan Times, November 11, p.6

BAJURA: With strict implementation of defecation free zone provision, people of Bajura have witnessed incredible change in sanitation, of late. As the district is going to be declared open defecation free zone on November 20, district residents have proposed to slap a fine of up to Rs 3,000 fine on each rule violator. According to VDC secretaries, they have seen incredible change in sanitation after all VDC locals submitted written consent and vowed to strictly implement the financial charge. According to Siddharaj Joshi, District Drinking Water, Sanitation and Cleanliness Coordination C... more

Citizenship by descent issued in mother's name

Himalayan Times, November 11, p.2

KHOTANG: Bina Pariyar from Diktel Municipality-9 in Khotang has become the first person to receive citizenship certificate from mother’s name in the district. Khotang DAO today issued citizenship certificate to Bina in the name of her mother Badam Nepali Darji. Khotang CDO Govinda Sapkota handed over the citizenship card to Bina. CDO Sapkota said that DAO had issued citizenship certificate by descent to Bina as her father had been missing since her childhood. Constituent Assembly member Saraswoti Bajimaya had recommended Bina for citizenship. The door to issuing citizenship cards ...more