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Daily Headlines in The Nepali Press

Lured by good pay, children quit school to herd mules

Republica  online, December 25

GORKHA, Dec 25: Sudeep Gurung, 15, does not go to school. Neither he nor his parents really bother about his education. Instead, Sudeep keeps himself busy in taking care of mules, that belong to his masters. 

"I have nine mules. These all belong to my master," said Sudeep. "All seasons, I walk along with these mules up and down. They carry loads, I take care of them," he added. 
This local of Gumda village of Gorkha district does not talk much about school. He had left school four years ago after completing the fifth grade. "What to say, going to school was not any easier. I had to walk for two hours just to reach there," he said. However, the real reason why Sudeep opted to become a mule herder was the good money he could earn from the job. "I earn between Rs 15,000 and 20,000 in a month. This is a good money so I don´t regret skipping school," finally he spoke. .. more

Chepangs struggle to keep infants alive in harsh winter

Kathmandu Post, December 25, p.4

CHITWAN, DEC 24 - In the absence of proper shelter and health awareness, the economically deprived Chepang families in Lothar VDC have been facing a difficult time saving their newborns and infants from the harsh winter cold. For Mina Kumari Chepang, 21, of Kelung, Lothar-6, it was a compulsion to give birth to her baby in the fields. All three children of Mina, who was married at an early age of 13, were born in the fields.

While she lost her first child to pneumonia, she has been struggling to keep her eight-day-old newborn and three-year-old son, Anil, out of harm’s way. Although Anil was also born in the fields, he has managed to beat the odds and has reached the age of three. Concerned about the well-being of her newborn, Mina said that she has been keeping the infant warm through body heat… more

March for citizenship through mother
KATHMANDU, DEC 24 - Protesters held hands to form a human chain and walked from Maitighar to the Constituent Assembly (CA) hall on Wednesday, demanding that the new constitution allow children to acquire citizenships through their mothers. With the deadline to promulgate the new constitution -- January 22—approaching, rights activists and stateless children are worried that the constitution will institutionalise the ‘discriminatory practice’ of allowing a child to become a Nepali only if his/her father is Nepali.

Despite the Citizenship Act of 2006 and the Interim Constitution of 2007 stating that anyone with a Nepali mother or a father can become the citizen of Nepal by descent, chief district officers (CDO) demand proofs that the fathers are Nepali before issuing citizenships. A provision in the new constitution says that both parents have to be Nepali for their child to be such. Many believe that in practice, this will translate to what is currently in exercise —a father’s proof of Nepali nationality will be enough…. more

Three held for killing girl after rape

Kathmandu Post, December 25, p.4

BARA, DEC 24 - Police have arrested three persons in connection with the rape and subsequent murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kalaiya, the district headquarters of Bara, about one and half months ago.

Arabinda Lal Das, 28 and Pawan Kumar Mishra, 17, of Piprabirta-3 were arrested on charges of murdering the minor after rape, said police. Pawan’s uncle Madan Kumar Mishra, 37, of the same place was also arrested for his alleged involvement in concealing the crime. The two accused were staying in Kalaiya in their rented rooms when they were arrested… more

26 women‚ kids rescued in Valley in five months

Himalayan Times, December 25, p.3

KATHMANDU: The Women and Children Service Centre under the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office has rescued as many as 26 women and children facing violence against them in the Kathmandu Valley in the first five months of this fiscal. According to the MPCO, 12 women, eight boys and six girls were among the rescued between mid-July and mid-December while as many as 53 women, 28 boys and 15 girls were rescued between mid-April and mid-July. The destitute women and children were found to have been subjected to physical and mental torture by their masters in houses and restaurants whe... more