Assessment of the emergency top-up cash transfer programme for vulnerable groups in Nepal

Apr 08, 2016

In response to the devastating earthquakes of 25th April and 12th May 2015, the Government of Nepal, in cooperation with UNICEF, implemented an Emergency Top-up Cash Transfer Programme (ETCTP) for vulnerable groups between June and November 2015. An independent assessment of the programme using mixed methods was conducted between September and November 2015 to examine the outcomes, delivery processes and effectiveness of the ETCTP.

An emergency cash benefit of NRs. 3,000 (US$30) was provided to the beneficiaries of existing government social assistance programmes in the 19 most earthquake-affected districts as a top-up to the regular payments. The ETCTP reached five categories of beneficiary including: (1) Senior citizens aged 70 years and above or 60 years and above if Dalit; (2) Widows, and single women aged 60 years and above; (3) People with disabilities; (4) Dalit children under 5 years of age; and (5) Highly marginalized indigenous ethnic groups. The ETCTP aimed to meet immediate household expenditure needs and to increase household resilience by reducing the use of negative coping mechanisms and behaviours in an extremely challenging post-earthquake situation.

Independent assessment – full report
Independent assessment – summary report


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