Endline Report: Interpersonal Communication and Social Mobilization Project

Jul 29, 2016

This report is a result of “Interpersonal Communication and Social Mobilization (IPCS) Project” done in partnership with UNICEF, Nepal Public Health Foundation (NPHF), and 11 local NGOs from May 2015 – Feb 2016. The IPCS project aimed at promoting key health, nutrition, and WASH behaviours in 11 earthquake-affected districts through 330 social mobilizers in 330 Village Development Committees (VDCs). Along with the project, UNICEF and the partners have conducted a quasi-experimental study to measure the changes in knowledge and practice on key behaviours that social mobilizers promoted throughout the project. Data collection was done in 330 working VDCs and separately 110 non-working VDC to compare the progress during the period. Despite the short project period, there were many positive changes in knowledge and practice on health, WASH, and nutrition behaviours in working VDCs compared to non-working VDCs. 

Please click here to download the report. 

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