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Nepal Earthquakes: One Year Later
Moving On

One year ago, four minutes to noon on 25 April 2015, the earth beneath Nepal moved and quivered for more than 45 seconds. It was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The next day, there was a powerful aftershock measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale, and two weeks later on 12 May, the earth shook violently again with a 7.3 magnitude aftershock. The clash of the tectonic plates beneath this nation of over 26 million people that straddles the base of the Himalayas wrought devastation of immense proportions. It took the lives of nearly 9,000 people, and 22,400 people were injured. While the earthquakes affected nearly half of the country‚Äôs 75 districts one way or another, 14 of them were classified as severely affected and prioritized for humanitarian assistance. They have an estimated total affected population of 2.8 million, out of which 1.1 million (40 per cent) are children. In these districts, almost all of the homes made of mud and mortar turned to rubble, as did 90 per cent of the health posts, and over 80 per cent of school buildings and other infrastructure.

UNICEF started its response to the disaster right from Day One on 25 April 2015. It immediately released emergency supplies which had been pre-positioned in four warehouses in the country. The supplies provided a life-saving bridge before additional large quantities of supplies started to arrive in Nepal from outside the country. UNICEF launched an emergency appeal to cover the needs of the immediate response and early recovery phase. By using resources contributed towards this emergency appeal, UNICEF supported a number of life-saving activities across the areas of health; nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); education; child protection; and social protection. In addition, UNICEF engaged in helping to disseminate messages to assist children and their families stay safe and healthy during the disaster, as well as information on relief efforts in their communities.

Please visit the microsite www.movingon.org.np to learn more about UNICEF's repsonse to the Nepal earthquakes.