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Disaster Management
Important steps in

collaboration with the

Government to make Nepal

a resilient country for WASH service delivery. 

Private Partnerships
25 private sector companies committed 

to investing USD 850,000

to support the handwashing campaign. 

Open defecation free - 1 zone, 23 districts, 67 municipalities, 

1588 VDCs and

3300+ school 

catchment areas.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme

The WASH programme contributes to reaching the Government’s target of universal coverage of water and sanitation by 2017. To achieve that, we are committed to providing the most disadvantaged households with increased access to improved sanitation and water supply services. We also seek for stronger integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into WASH sector programming. We also promote basic hygiene care practices such as use of toilets, handwashing with soap, safe drinking water, etc.

Where We Work

In addition to the 15 priority districts, WASH also works in 16 other districts throughout the nation.

Our Partners

MoUD, MoHP, MoE, MoFALD DWSS, DoLIDAR, Nepal Red Cross Society, iDE, WASH Cluster, FEDWASUN

Our Donors

DFID, Government of Finland, UNICEF National Committees

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