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Promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship to unlock young potentials

for social change.


Fill technical gaps on issues related to the impact of poverty and inequality on children's and women's rights


Evaluation of coverage and effectiveness of various social protection schemes

and their impact.

Social Policy And Economic Analysis Programme

UNICEF's Social Policy and Economic Analysis Programme spearheads the work on public policy analysis and advocacy with the Government and development partners to build support and political capital in favor of effective policies, laws and budgets that promote the rights and wellbeing of children, adolescents and women. It also supports strenghtening of government capacity at both central and local levels on designing, planning and implementing effective social protection programs. The programme also seeks to crowd source homegrown technology-based solutions for problems facing children in Nepal.
We are also working towards developing academic programs on child-sensitive policies, create opportunities for research to fill technical gaps on issues related to the impact of poverty and inequality on children's and women's rights as well as establish a think tank to generate ideas for social change. The new partnership with Kathmandu University also allows the programme to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among young Nepalis as well as unlock their potential for social change.

Where we Work

Policy making at the national level, and specific interventions in nine priority districts, which will be expanded to UNICEF’s 15 priority districts.

Our Main Partners

Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission, Key Government Ministries engaged in designing and delivering social protection schemes, Development Partners Universities/Think Tank, Parliamentarians, Child rights organizations, Central Child Welfare Board, National Human Rights Commission, Local government: district, municipality, village, Non-Governmental Organizations and Community-Based Organizations, Adolescents, Young activists, Women’s Groups and Child Clubs, Social mobilizers, Ward Level Citizen Forums and Community Awareness Centers and Media.


Quick Facts On UNICEF Social Protection Response During Nepal Earthquakes

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