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Request for Proposal 

Development of a Staff Orientation Package on Diversity and Unity in Nepal

UNICEF Nepal Country Office would like to hire an organization to prepare an orientation package on socio-economic diversity in Nepal and organize orientation sessions for its staff members.  Nepal is a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic and multi-ethnic country. The country is highly diverse with an estimated 126 castes and ethnic groups and 123 languages.  From topographic perspective, too, it is very diverse with vertical elevation of 60m to 8,848m within a span of 100 miles containing tropical, sub-tropical, temperate sub-alpine and alpine climates.  

Against this background, the aim of this assignment is to develop an orientation package on socio-economic diversity in Nepal and conduct orientation sessions for UNICEF staff so that they can better understand the country where they work as a basis for good programming works and mutual understanding.  The orientation package will focus on several key issues related to the country’s diversity and unity in terms of history; demography; topography (overall terrain, ecological zones); social structures (languages, caste system and ethnicity); gender; development, poverty and socio-economic disparities; political and administrative systems; and associated issues of inclusion and exclusion

The objective of the diversity orientation is to increase awareness and understanding of UNICEF staff on the various dimensions of diversity and its effects to the environment in which UNICEF Nepal Country Office operates

Qualifications of Consulting Firm/ Research Institute

The contractor should have the following profile:

- At least ten years of experience in research, training and teaching in branches of social sciences such as Economics, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, History and other related fields.

- A pool of highly technically experienced and professional personnel.

The proposed trainers must have:

- PhD holder(s) with a minimum of 8 years of work experience in teaching, organization and facilitation of training to diverse national and international audiences.

- Very good presentation skills

- Very good writing skills

- Objectivity and impartiality


Sealed offers should be sent to:



Offers MUST be received latest by 14:00hrs on Thursday 14 April 2016

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