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Request for Proposal 

Providing technical support to Television Channel to Design, Develop and Produce TV Serial

UNICEF in collaboration with National Planning Commission (NPC), Ministry of Health and other concerned ministries launched the Golden 1000 Days communication campaign on April 21, 2016. The campaign is designed to implement interventions covering the period from conception to 24 months of child's life by catering the information needs of adolescents, newly married couples, pregnant women, lactating mothers and their immediate family members. The focus of the campaign is to change the social context to enable individual and families to change their behaviour on issues related to various stages of child's life starting from conception up to 24 months.

In order to catalyze and sustain societal change among mothers, fathers and immediate families, the interpersonal activities are complemented by mass media using radio, television, social media and information technology. Hence, one of the mass media complementing the interpersonal activities at the household level will be television and radio drama series which will be produced and broadcasted from television, radio and local FM stations. The TV and Radio serial production work is now underway and therefore, UNICEF is seeking technical assistance from a production company to provide technical assistance to television channel to produce drama series. The production company will work with television channel’s production team to provide support in script writing, directing and creative treatment for the entire drama series.


Qualifications and Experience Required

Company Profile

A TV production company is required with at least 3 years' experience in the production of a popular TV serial in Nepal. Experience in the production of TV material in collaboration with television channels in the past would be an advantage. Preference will be given to the companies having experienced human resource and technical expertise in the field of mass media. The resource required for the technical support to television channel should comply with the requirement in the RFP document.

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Offers MUST be received latest by 14:00hrs on Thursday 24 November 2016